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 At United Lawns and Landscaping we are leaders in urban landscaping and maintenance and are at the heart of urban renewal. 

Working closely with your Local Government, we create and maintain urban environments that are natural, beautiful and appealing that enhance the place where you live and support your neighborhood’s health and well-being.


At United Lawns and Landscaping we love transforming inconspicuous urban environments into virtual works of art to be enjoyed and treasured by residents and visitors alike.  Our substantial resources mean that no construction undertaking is too large or beyond our expertise. 

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A large part of our focus is the aftercare of your public urban tree, garden and lawn installations to ensure they successfully establish and grow into stunning environments.  Going beyond the minimum requirements is a specialty at United Lawns and Landscaping as we understand that successful installations require many dedicated years of love and attention.

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Playground equipment sanitizing

In these uncertain times, we at United Lawns and Landscaping are ready for the next phase where public health requirements and standards will be forever changed.  Protecting you and your family in the neighborhood is our priority. 

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Let’s make our local environment better together.