About Us

United Lawns and Landscaping was established in 1993 by Thomas & Kate Dzodzos and for the past 27 years have developed a strong and respected reputation in the Local Government sector particularly with the City of Stirling and the City of Bayswater. 

Passionate locals from Stirling, who are renown for their work ethic and professionalism.   Customer service and communication is key to their superior reliability.

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Our Vision

At United Lawns and Landscaping we believe that with the best staff, our team can get on with the job of serving the community, where relationships can thrive, where environments enhance your lifestyle and benefit the health of you, your neighborhood and the planet.

~ Thomas & Kate Dzodzos

United Team

United Lawns and Landscaping are proud to have a solid team of long term employees. 

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Customer service and communication is key to our superior reliability. But don’t just take our word for it, read what our clients have to say…

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